Smart Computer Solutions and the antivirus Choice

To protect computer equipment (computer, laptop, etc.) and the personal data contained therein a computer program called antivirus is installed system developer malaysia. Antivirus detects malicious programs (viruses) by preventing them from infecting hardware. It is recommended to choose the best antivirus to be safe from any unpleasant surprises. To appreciate the quality of an antivirus, it is necessary to see its reactivity in the detection of the viruses which are born. Choosing the right anti virus for computer is important here.

Importance of Antivirus and Virus Protection | Tristar Tech Solutions

Why Install an antivirus?

The protection of personal data is the main reason for installing an antivirus on computer hardware. There is personal data such as web data, documents, photos, videos that your smartphone, tablet or computer may contain. So that this personal information does not end up in nature, when downloading or surfing the internet, it is important to install an antivirus.

Ill-intentioned individuals in possession of your personal data can pass themselves off as you to scam your loved ones, or to damage your reputation. They can also empty your bank account.

What should you do before connecting a computer to the internet?

It is not only computers that viruses attack today, they also attack tablets, smartphones, Macs, to name a few, that’s why installing effective virus protection is essential. It is therefore necessary to check that protection software is present on your computer or your smartphone before connecting it to the Internet. Protecting and preserving the integrity of a computer’s data from viruses (harmful and malicious programs) is therefore an antivirus, which is above all a computer program.

What is the role of an antivirus?

Finding and eliminating computer viruses is the primary role of an antivirus. It scans the files contained on media detecting infections. Once infections are detected, it cleans files, deletes infected ones or quarantines them. Antivirus is recommended for regular scanning of your computer.

There are free antivirus such as AVG Antivirus, Avira , Panda Free Antivirus, which are also effective for protecting computer data.

What Is The Best Free Virus Protection For Laptop

How did I get a virus?

Downloading and executing an attachment from an unknown email can lead to virus intrusion. When you visit an infected website or follow a questionable link (social networks), you may catch a virus and so downloading software from the internet and using an infected USB key can lead to the intrusion of a virus into your computer or tablet.

How do you know when a device is infected with a virus?

When your smartphone, tablet, or computer becomes unresponsive or sluggish, you should know that it is infected. It may happen that you notice that certain programs are installed without you being the sponsor, or that your computer system refuses to start. The display of suspicious windows or the loss of certain personal files is also signs of infection of your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Tips for avoiding viruses

To avoid viruses, you must install an antivirus, only one because the installation of two or more antiviruses can lead to a neutralization between them. However, do not forget to update it once it is installed. You have to do an automatic update of the operating system and do not forget to check the source of e-mails before opening them. It is also necessary to safeguard personal data in order to limit losses in the event of a virus.