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Before you start gambling for real money, it is best to practice roulette first. You can then be sure that you do not make unnecessary mistakes that are at the expense of your own money. Roulette is a simple game that you can start playing after a short explanation. An experienced or a novice player will have the same odds of winning. 

Nevertheless, it is advisable to practice the game for some time. You will then know what all the buttons are for and what options you have to place bets. There are many more betting options than just placing a chip on individual numbers or on red and black. A practice session will also allow you to develop some strategies for the game of chance to try. Enough reasons to practice before you start betting money. You get the option to do this for free at all online casinos mmc996 that we list on this website.

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Practice Roulette For Free At This Casino

Play free roulette online

You can’t just walk in at a casino establishment to play roulette for free. The croupiers who work here will give you a strange look if you ask if this is possible. They want you to lose some bets to ensure that their employee can pay the salaries. One place where you can practice free roulette is the online casino. This is because games are offered where no croupier is involved. It is therefore possible to offer people to try out the games for free first. They can become familiar with the way of playing and if they have a fun experience, start gambling for money. As a starting player you can take advantage of this. However, we also advise experienced roulette players to practice first. Online is played in a completely different way than you are used to in a land-based casino. You can go for benefit of online casino as you play.

Placing chips on the playing field

One of the things that you should definitely practice before you start playing roulette online is placing chips on the playing field. In an online casino you cannot grab the chips with your hands and place them where you want them. Everything appears digitally on your computer and you will have to control the bets with your mouse. If you play via a mobile device, the control will most likely be via a touchscreen. You can touch the virtual chips with your fingers, but placing bets is done in a strange way. You must first become familiar with this. After all, you don’t want to experience that you meant to bet on number 26 and accidentally place the chip on 25. You will of course just see that the number you intended is the result.

Meet the racetrack

We have already told you that one reason to complete some practice sessions is to become familiar with all betting options. New players in particular are often unaware of this. We all know that you are at a roulette game can bet on a single number. For this you will receive the highest payout if you win. The bets on red and black are also known to everyone. You only get a 1 to 1 payout for this, but your chances of winning are close to 50 percent. The same goes for the bets on high / low and even / odd. Then there are the betting options where you play 12 numbers at the same time. These are also known as the dozen bets. However, what novice players are not aware of is what is called the racetrack. This is not always immediately visible in online games. You then have to click a button to make the oval round appear. What you will see is a circle containing all the numbers in the order they appear on the wheel. This comes in handy when you want to estimate which part of the roulette wheel the ball is most likely to come to rest on.