The Google Dance, do you mean the Waltz?

Contrary to common belief, the Google Dance isn’t an actual dance (it kind of is) like the waltz or the tango; it’s when you’re rankings bounce from place to place throughout various pages of the search engine results. This is referred to as the Google Dance and for some reason the name stuck. There are many reasons or factors that are attributed to the Google Dance in regards to when and why it happens. One of the key reasons that this phenomenon occurs is due to Google rebuilding its rankings which will send the serps into a chaotic and almost completely randomly sporadic bouncy house like environment where your site could rank number one on a given day and then completely disappear the next. Because Google, like every other search engine is in constant use they cannot afford to shut down for maintenance or go off-line for even a minute, thus the Google Dance was born. Currently the Google Dance is less dramatic than it used to be back in the early 2000’s but some shock waves can still be felt.

Nowadays the impact on the serps is a much less but sites are known to bounce around from time to time. This is largely due to Google’s bots that continuously crawl and find new information while also getting rid of information. Such as finding a new site that contains valuable information or, on the contrary, detecting a site that no longer exists thus deleting it from their index. During this dance Googlebot will crawl every website and figure out how many inbound links it possesses, how many outbound links it has, and it will also determine the value of these links. You also have to keep in mind that Google is doing this 24/7 so their search results will vary ever so slightly over the course of a month.

Another key time when the Google dance would take place would be around algorithm updates such as Penguin or Panda updates, we’ve talked with Andrew from Marketers Center about this topic intensively because this is something he needs to pay very close attention to due to the services he offers. When these updates would happen often times many sites would receive penalties and would completely fall out of the serps, many times they would never be seen again. For most people these algorithm changes are not important but, in the search engine optimization industry these are very key moments. This is generally the time when people begin to panic because their site completely fell out of the serps for an extended period of time. Because of this they will begin to alter both there on-page and off-page which more often than not does more harm than good. Generally instead of panicking you need to sit back, relax, and watch what happens. Once things start calming down sites will gradually be re-added to the serps and often times they will be ranked better than before.

Key note: Keep in mind is if you go to Google and search “the Google dance” you’re more than likely to come across to an actual dance that is held for Google employees. Don’t let this confuse you from the real dancing that’s going on!

Written by our good friends over at: Michigan SEO Pro